Farm Fresh Menus

Bowl of Cherries Catering believes in FRESH.

It’s Fresh – Sunday Morning Brunch passed as guests arrive…

  • rice crispy treat canapés with yogurt and berries brunch buffet…
  • farmers’ market frittata (vegetarian), potato, bacon, scallion and goat cheese quiche
  • beautiful platters of fresh fruits served with a honey mascarpone dip
  • salmon display
  • gravlax: sides of dill and sugar cured salmon, smoked salmon, black bread and butter hearts, appropriate condiments and mini bagels
  • an assortment of breakfast pastries, citrus madelaines and orange zest mini-muffins, butter, crème fraiche and blackberry jam

It’s Local – Afternoon Croquet Buffet…

  • cute, potted delmarva shrimp: individual flower pots filled with roasted  shrimp and arugula pesto, topped with an edible flower or fresh pea shoots
  • lemon chicken lollipops: branded with the bride and groom’s initials and served with a peanut satay, displayed in a field of wheat grass
  • stoli vodka minis with buckwheat blinis topped with crème fraiche and  caviar
  • antipasti skewers: sundried tomatoes, andouille sausage, cheese tortellini, nicoise olives, fresh basil and a citrus vinaigrette
  • strawberry halves topped with mascarpone cheese: some with chopped apricots and some with crispy pancetta, both with mint and crumbled walnuts

at the bar…

  • fruity white sangria
  • homemade lemonade, presented in a lemon with a lemon candy stick, spiked with organic lemon infused vodka,  or not
  • raspberry and red zinger iced tea with lime
  • sparkling san pelligrino mineral water

It’s Tastier – Yummy Summer  Dinner Buffet Menu…

  • roasted tenderloin of beef, served with arugula pesto and béarnaise
  • smokey grits and roasted shrimp
  • zuchinni roasted with cumin, served with fresh ricotta and mint
  • leafy lettuce salad, tossed with summer herbs, blanched green beans and a French vinaigrette
  • savory summer tomato tarts, flatbreads and dinner rolls

We Sustain the Local Economy – Late Summer Wedding Menu

hors d’oeuvres, displayed

  • a selection of local, artisan cheeses – firefly farms, chapel creamery and cherry grove
  • savory goat cheese cake with lemon and thyme
  • sun-dried fruits and homemade crackers
  • “make your  own” buschetta
  • gilled  baguette  rusks, black olive tapenade, wild mushroom ceviche, sicilian caponata, beet hummus, fresh herbs

passed hors d’oeuvres

  • spicy tuna tartare on a cucumber “cracker”
  • watermelon, feta and mint bites
  • crab salad with lime and parsley, on  an endive spear

late summer wedding dinner buffet menu

  • chesapeake bay rockfish roasted with lemon, topped with lump crab sauteed with sherry
  • gunpowder trading ranch bison mini burgers with truffle butter on brioche
  • caprese salad: colorful assortment of sliced  locally grown heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
  • simple maryland summer corn salad
  • savory summer rustic tarts and focaccia served with herb infused evoo

and for dessert…

  • lemony lemon pound cake, macerated fresh fruits and berries, cherry compote, lemon curd and freshly whipped creme
  • rustic peach, nectarine and plum tarts

It’s the Best of the Best – Rustic Italian Themed Wedding Dinner Menu

hors d’oeuvres, passed

  • spring pea soup sips, drizzled with basil  infused oil
  • roasted delmarva shrimp, served with salsa verde

hors d’oeuvres, displayed

  • a selection of local, artisan cheeses, firefly farms, chapel creamery and cherry grove
  • lemon – thyme savory cheese cake
  • locally sourced salamis, sun-dried fruits, rosemary marinated olives, an assortment of homemade crackers
  • “crostini bar”  (make your own)
  • tuscan caponata, wild mushrooms marinated in olive oil with thyme, beet hummus, fresh ricotta and zucchini roasted with fennel seed and cumin
  • multi grain waffle wedges and grilled baguette

summer wedding dinner buffet stations menu

  • lasagna cupcakes
  • roasted sage, brown butter, pumpkin and chevre
  • eggplant romesesco and smoked mozzarella
  • heirloom tomato burrata  (this one may also have sausage)
  • shaved  watermelon radish and fennel salad
  • roasted farmers’ market vegetables
  • chesapeake bay rockfish, topped with jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed with sherry
  • sea salt smashed double roasted potatoes, topped with crème fraiche , maiche and black olive chips
  • simple leafy green salad, tossed with blanched green beans and a citrus vinaigrette
  • savory summer tarts, focaccia and flatbreads, a rustic assortment presented with herbed butter and infused olive oil

and for dessert…, attended  dessert station

  • gelatos, scooped to order with various flavors with fresh fruit toppings, chocolate sauce and candied thyme
  • lavender shortbread cookies (some dipped in chocolate), italian bacci, pine nut wedding cookies

It’s Fun!!…

  • colorful and tasty passed hors d’oeuvres for Elle Magazine…..
  • green chili pesto shrimp
  • delmarva shrimp marinated in cilantro and green chili pesto
  • mango and brie quesadillas topped with a spicy mango chutney, served on a swirly yellow platter
  • Indonesian pork satay with Bang – Bang peanut sauce, presented on an avocado tray covered with exploding noodles
  • yummy bruschetta
  • sun-dried foccaccia diamonds topped with gorgonzola and parmesan cheese, caramelized onions, chopped tomato and fresh basil
  • delicate endive spears with a dollop of curried chicken
  • chevre, pistachio and fig wontons with spicy plum chutney

The above hors d’oeuvres are passed on color coordinated platters along with green appletinis

décor ideas …. kiwi cloverleaf damask accompanied by samba stripe silk linen or “bubble” sheer over mint green twill linen

white glass votive candles, lime green fluted wine glass, white swirl martini glass

And It’s Keeping Us Healthy…